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    More about using BONGO International Shipping

    Bongo International and its distribution partners, who have been delivering goods worldwide for decades, have developed technologies and processes that have positioned Bongo to become the premier mail forwarding and parcel forwarding service in the US. Bongo employees are behind the scenes from the time your shipments are sent to Bongo International to their arrival at your door, ensuring that every step is completed in a timely manner. From the active tracking of inbound and outbound shipments to and from the Bongo warehouse, to ensuring the proper packaging is used to protect your goods, Bongo employees are working tirelessly to ensure you have a positive experience. Exchange Rate Calculator

    Bongo International provides Mail Forwarding Services and Parcel Forwarding Services which allow international consumers to be able to shop at any US retail website and have American goods delivered to their own US address. International Shipping Rates received at the Bongo warehouse can be held until you have multiple shipments or can be immediately processed for international shipping. Increased savings on express international shipping rates are available for those who consolidate shipments, as the price per pound decreases as weight increases. Calculate International Shipping Savings with Consolidation

    A few clicks and your US address will be ready to receive American goods from any US website!

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