Ragged/Frayed Edge


Ragged/Frayed Edge Quilt Patterns

Frayed Edge Quilts are fun to make and so comfy. The flannels that are commonly used make you just want to snuggle up under the quilt. Other fabrics not normally used for quilting are also found in frayed edge quilts such as denim and fleece. As always, though, be sure to use quality fabrics so your quilt will last and last.

To make a quick quilt with this method try one of the large block designs. Baby Rag Quilt has 16 large squares with hearts, flowers, stars, and letters that spell ‘baby’. Some sashing with rectangles and squares in contrasting fabric and you are finished. Raggy Rectangles is made of just two sizes of rectangles and will make a colorful, comfy lap quilt. Raspberry Cheesecake is made of square with a few applique hearts.

A few of the more intricate designs are by Four Corners Designs. Their Stack & Stitch series are easy to do with faux piecing but look like you worked really hard!

Mary Kerr of Just My Imagination has a pattern for you to use favorite t-shirts surrounded by squares of ragged edges. Make a special memory for your graduate or for a college bound teen. A pre-teen would love to have a quilt of all their favorite t-shirts that they have outgrown. Mary also has a cute Patchwork Puppy Pillow pattern.

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